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Listen to the Top 4 Paranormal / Parapsychology Radio Shows from The 'X' Zone Broadcast Network :

1. The 'X' Zone Radio/TV Show with Rob McConnell

2. A Different Perspective with Kevin Randle

3. Paranormal StakeOut with Larry Lawson

4. Connecting with Coincidence with Dr. Bernie Beitman

Other XZBN radio shows can be heard at

Back by popular demand, REL-MAR McConnell Media Company will be publishing THE 'X' ZONE DIRECTORY OF WHO'S WHO 2019 Edition that features those who deal in all matters in the world of the paranormal, the science of parapsychology, new age practitioners, metaphysics, shamans, psychics, mediums, channels,  lecturers, speakers and more.

Over the years, THE 'X' ZONE DIRECTORY OF WHO'S WHO has been used by radio/TV hosts and producers, reporters, writers, podcasters, as well as members of the public who are looking for experts in your specific field.

Using our online digital version, users can easily use the search feature to find the person, the topic, the area that will best suit their needs.

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